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Latest Project Timetable

We have allowed our rather ambitious timetable to slip somewhat. This is mainly to allow for further Public Consultations and discussions with Stakeholders. In any case we feel we are making very good progress and it is more important to do the job properly than anything else.

The New Timetable (under revision - Aug ‘18)

 NP Timetable for Process to Making the Neighbourhood Plan.                          DRAFT 4 Draft amended by DOP Group on 2 May, amended in light of comments from Tim Spurway and agreed at NPSG on 9 May. May 2017     -    Basic format and design of Plan decided. Recommendation   from   DOP   Group   that   issues   be   addressed   through   Land Use or Community Action. Draft   the   Policies   and   Community   Actions   after   re-checking   on   conformity with Local Plan (LP). Discussion    of    above    at    NPSG    on    9    May    and    consider    date    of    Public Consultation     with     DOP     recommendation     that     it     be     postponed     to September/October. Submission of draft Chapters to TS by end May (or earlier). First   comments   from   TS/CR   (Claire   Rodway)   including   advice   on   whether SEA or HRA required.         June             -    Compile and proof read Draft NP. Present draft NP to NPSG (22 June). EDDC    6-week    consultation    with    Statutory    Bodies    (Environment    Agency; Natural England; Historic England). July               -     Prepare basic condition statement and consultation statement. Arrange ‘Health Check’ by experienced Inspector.   Prepare for formal (Regulation 14) 6-week Pre-submission Consultation. August        -    Organise Ocean Public Event for late September/early October. 2018 September   -    Pre-submission Consultation (6 weeks) Amend draft NP in response to PSC comments and gain ETC endorsement. Complete     and     finalise     consultation     statement     and     basic     condition statement. Conduct public consultation, including Ocean event. October       -    Organise PSC publicity and communications EDDC general comments considered. November    -   Amend draft NP in response to public consultation. Health Check conducted (2 weeks). December/March                         -    NP formally submitted to EDDC with supporting documentation EDDC reviews NP and, if ok, publishes for consultation EDDC appoints Independent Examiner for report (2 weeks) ETC decides whether to accept modifications and publicises.   February 2019    -    EDDC organises referendum on NP
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