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completed. the town council met with local groups and agreed that we would proceed to develop a neighbourhood plan.
Stage One getting started. initial discussions form a steering group apply for funding
stage two engaging the community and gathering information in formally consult with community decide on scope and content of plan
stage three writing the documents initial draft of plan
stage four statutory consultation and submitting the plan pre-submission consultation finalise the plan referendum
stage five delivering and monitoring the plan
Completed. Existing evidence has been collated, a survey of residents has been done and the results analysed.. Key stakeholders have been consulted.
iCompleted The basic format and layout of the plan are complete. Further public consultations completed prior to checking conformity with East Devon local plan
Plan about to be submitted to EDDC to ensure plan reflects community aspirations. Later: Submit final plan to Examiner followed by referendum
upon successful adoption of plan, Exmouth town council will develop an implementation plan.
The FIVE stages of Neighbourhood Plan development
The Steering Group is following a five stage template - provided by local government, to facilitate a successfull outcome and ensure good progress. Below is a shortened version of the development template that we are following