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How the Steering

Group was formed

Who Suggested it?

The decision to embark upon the creation of the Neighbourhood Plan was taken at a meeting of the Community Organisations Liaison Panel (COLP) in the autumn of 2015. this gave the Town Council the authorisation to begin the process.

Who is on the Steering Group?

The steering group is made up of a councillor from each ward in Exmouth plus individuals from various interested groups. The Chairperson is Roy Pryke (see “message from our Chairman” page), ably assisted by vice-chairperson Ian Cann. With invaluable assistance from Tim Clatworthy - on loan to us from Exmouth Town Council.

Who can Contribute?

Community Involvment

we are always keen to hear from anyone who wishes to be part of

the process or have any input. See the calendar page for details of

meetings and the contact page to get in touch - or simply call in at

the town Hall (now at 44 Rolle Street).