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NB: This is the text from the letter - the PDF of the original can be downloaded here
We are nearly there! The Plan is now ready! Just two more steps have to be taken as we grasp this new opportunity to shape the future of the town: 1. Secure the approval of East Devon District Council’s Cabinet on 6 February 2. Win the support of the majority of voters at the referendum to be held in March – probably on the 21st (but possibly earlier on the 14th) What is it about? It is a 108-page Plan produced by a community-led group after three years consultation, so it reflects the views of Exmouth residents. If you are keen on the environment, housing, the town’s economy, community facilities or getting about Exmouth there are policies and actions proposed which will matter to you. Social media Campaign: On January 10th we launched a social media campaign which will keep you up to date on all things about the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan. Each day new information is uploaded onto facebook: exmouthneighbourhoodplan, Instagram exmouthnplan and Twitter @ExmouthNplan. Mary Culhane who is running the campaign will let you know the Referendum date and will count us down to that day. Posts have already reached 8,282 people -make sure you join them. When will we see the benefit? If the result of the referendum is positive, the Plan will have immediate planning weight. The Exmouth Town Council and its working parties will begin a phased implementation programme of the Plan. There will also be extra money available from developer charges (increase from15% - 25%) to spend in Exmouth, including projects identified in the Plan. What if there are different ideas to those in the Plan? These can be sent to npsg@exmouth.gov.uk will be considered as the Plan is reviewed. Once Exmouth has a Plan it will be a firm base for continuing discussion. Where can I see the Referendum Plan? This can be seen at the Town Hall or downloaded at www.exmouthneighbourhoodplan.uk. A (new) short video about the plan is also available on the same website or on exmouthneighbourhoodplan Facebook page. (and on YouTube)
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