A Message from the


Roy Pryke - Chair of the Neighbourhood

Plan Steering Group

Why are we doing a Neighbourhood Plan? In 2011 the government passed the Localism Act which empowered District Councils to produce a Local Plan. Town and Parish councils were also empowered to produce Neighbourhood Plans. Local plans and Neighbourhood Plans cannot contradict government policy, but may be more specific. For the first time these local and neighbourhood plans carry legal weight and will sit alongside the planning process.

When will the Neighbourhood

Plan be ready?

The schedule

When we started in 2016 we set ourselves an ambitious schedule. We have almost kept to it and are on track for Exmouth residents to vote in a referendum in February or March 2019. About Roy Pryke Roy Pryke moved to Devon from Cheshire in 1971, living for 6 years in Woodbury then 40 years in Exmouth, keeping a home here while he was working as Director of Education Services in Kent in the 1990s. During the past 17 years he has worked as a volunteer with The Avenues Residents Association, Exmouth Community Association and Rolle Exmouth Limited. He is a member of the Exmouth Community Organisations Liaison Panel and the Coastal Communities Team.
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