"I'm cheering for Exmouth"
Now I have more than myself to consider, Exmouth’s other advantages have come into play. Phear park is a stone’s throw away from where we live and has excellent play facilities and, as my two children grow, I’m sure they’ll make use of the skate park and sports courts. I started my life in London and the park was always a big focal point in my childhood. It feels doubly lucky for our kids that they get the park AND the beach (not to mention the Maer, the estuary and Bystock pools- honestly, kids of today don’t know they’re born... in my day, bla bla) We’re also really fortunate to have so many great schools to choose from - schools which value the children as individuals and seek to develop their unique talents whilst making great use of the local environment and all it has to offer. I love the community and friendships built around the local schools, particularly the Avocet learning trust. Recently, I changed career after 15 years primary teaching. I now own one of Exmouth’s many small businesses and I’m excited to see that ventures such as the Propeller coworking space are taking off. I think the Neighbourhood plan is essential if we’re going to support creative enterprises and encourage young people to see Exmouth as a viable and attractive place to live and work. I loved the passion and drive behind the Queens Drive Space and hope that the Neighbourhood plan will encompass that spirit. It seems like there is a real appetite for supporting local, sustainable businesses, projects and the natural environment. I massively value that I can walk on the beach, swim in a pool, take a yoga class (Yoga with Anna is AMAZING), go to the cinema, see a play or some stand-up comedy, swing on the swings (yes I know they’re for the kids, shhhh), get a decent cuppa, meal or tipple and all within walking distance. I think the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan would protect and enhance the place I’m lucky enough to call home and I will definitely be voting for it. It gives us the vision needed to make Exmouth a flourishing, unique town with a past to treasure and a future to get excited about.” www.rosiejohnsonillustrates.com www.instagram.com/rosiejohnsonillustrates www.facebook.com/rosiejohnsonillustration www.etsy.com/shop/rosieillustrates
If you want to join Rosie protecting and enhancing Exmouth, then remember to vote at the referendum for the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan in March.
Local illustrator Rosie Johnson is cheering for Exmouth. Let’s find out why…
Local illustrator Rosie Johnson, is committed to living and working in Exmouth. It’s great to get her views about life in our lovely town from the perspective of a new business owner with a young family and find out why she’s cheering for Exmouth!
“2019 will mark my thirteenth year living in Exmouth. I was drawn to the town by the fond memories I had of it as a student at Exeter university. I remember daytrips to the coast, looking at the beautiful parade of Georgian buildings on the seafront and becoming more than a bit smitten. The beach is enough of a draw for anyone- long enough to be full in the summer without ever feeling overcrowded, wild enough to blow away the cobwebs in the winter.
"As well as design work, book illustration and a range of cards and prints, I take on private commissions."
Since starting my illustration business, I have connected with the local creative community and helped to run contemporary craft markets with fellow Exmouth artist, Jess Pearson of Jay-Pea art. I’ve had great support and advice from Claire and Tarot Close of the incredibly successful So Close Studio as well as collaborating with local printers, ShipShape for my merchandise. I’ve loved seeing other small businesses like the Cabin News shop, The Proper Fish and Ship co. and Claire Lowe Jewellery flourish in our lovely town. The success of Bumble and Sea at Orcombe Point shows that residents and visitors alike want and deserve the best quality- they care enough about the environment to choose an ethical cuppa on their beach stroll! And any rubbish that washes up on shore gets whipped up by beach cleaners like the wonderful jeweller, Emily Monk of Forage and Find Me, who turns plastic waste into beautiful modern jewellery and home wares.
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