Rachel Pattison is Headteacher at Marpool Primary School in Exmouth, and passionate about educating the town’s children. She’s also a strong supporter of the community, and recently won Citizen of the Year from the Rotary Club, so it’s great to be able to get her thoughts on Exmouth and the Neighbourhood Plan:
“Exmouth is a large town, full of the attributes of a classic seaside base whilst benefitting from close proximity to Woodbury Common, Dartmoor and Exmoor as well as Cornwall and Somerset further afield. Renowned for its long sandy beaches, cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops selling local produce, Exmouth town also has all the amenities families might need. It has nurseries and schools, cinema, swimming pool, leisure and activity centres, doctors, dentists, a hospital and both sheltered homes and care and nursing homes.I believe that Exmouth is totally sustainable – many children are born and educated here, build a home and work here and even go on to bring up their own families locally. As a truly traditional seaside town much work is in services and can be seasonal. I also believe that we need to continue to stimulate a sense of belonging and pride in our town where everybody wants the very best for Exmouth and its people. In doing this we will ensure Exmouth remains a large and prosperous town full of community spirit, which can be enjoyed by locals all year round and the many seasonal visitors that appreciate the beauty of such a special town. We have a responsibility to make sure we protect Exmouth and its community. If you too are keen to support the Neighbourhood Plan then put a note in your diary to come and vote for the referendum in March. It’s your chance to have your say.
Why is Marpool Primary School’s head, Rachel Pattison supporting the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan?
Rachel Pattison receiving her award from the Rotary Club. Photo: Exmouth Journal
Photo Terry Ife Exmouth Journal
The education of our children at primary level is good with children receiving a broad and balanced curriculum followed by the secondary school offering a rich and varied choice of leaning pathways. For a small number of children, education is too general and a more bespoke package is required ensuring we prepare them for their youth and adulthood which is likely to be in Exmouth. As the headteacher at Marpool Primary School I see my role in educating and preparing our children and giving them the skillset to flourish within the area. For example; we could train mechanics to be the best they can be so that in Exmouth we have good mechanics without having to leave the town. With rich and varied eating establishments we need good chefs, so that’s another skill we can foster in our youngsters.
Aside from my working life, I’m also a mum bringing up my daughters in the area. As a family we really benefit from the mix of leisure facilities Exmouth has to offer, from surf school to a weekly aerial silks and hoop class. We enjoy family swims and badminton regularly - the range of activities on offer is wide within the local community. We also like attending local shows and performances and are active in the local orchestra which offers a weekly ensemble for our many musicians. I’m keen to support family and local businesses – as they’re the life-blood which keeps the town thriving whilst providing future jobs and opportunities for our children. The Neighbourhood Plan proposes to plan for the increasing demand for schools and secure development of community facilities including the arts – and that’s why I’m supporting it. “
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